Significance Of Kumbh


Allahabad Ardh Mahakumbh 2019

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With materialism and consumerism increasing in the society for the past few decades, owing to technological and economic progress, there is a tendency amongst humans to search for inner happiness as they are currently enveloped in a society that is offering short-term solutions but not permanent internal peace and happiness.

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The outgrowth of religious, spiritual, meditation and alternative healing centers around the world indicates that human beings are looking for their real identity and searching for answers to pertinent questions like: who they are? What they have come on this earth for? What are they trying to achieve in life?

What is their relation with god and how can they cleanse their sins so as to lead a life of abundance and fulfillment of their mental and physical desires.By coming to events like Kumbh, devotees can connect mentally and spiritually to a large mass of humanity. And this is where our expertise in offering complete religious pilgrimage solutions by ensuring the best of food, lodging and transit solutions.

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