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A peek into the Mythology of “Kumbh”

An extensive reading of Hindu religious scriptures suggests that the history of Kumbh can be traced in the Bhagvat Puran which dates to thousands of years back in history when the Great Churning of oceans took place to extract the nectar of immorality. Once the great primordial churning took place, there ensued a major battle between gods and demons to take control of the pot of nectar called as “Kumbh”.

History of "Kumbh" Mela

To regain the lost strength of deities due to the curse of Durvasa, they met Lord Shiva & Lord Brahma and they suggested them to pray to Lord Vishnu, who instructed them to churn Ksheera Sagara (Ocean of Milk) to get the Amrit (Nectar of Immortality). It became tough for them to take up this task alone as deities had lost their strengths. They went for a mutual accordance to share half of the nectar of mortality with the demons in order to complete the task. The Mandara Mountain was used as a churning rod.

The term Kumbh is comes from the the immortal Pot of Nectar. Vedic literatures have stood the test of time, out of which tradition has evolved into The Kumbh Mela. Legend tells a story from the former days of the universe when the deities and the demons together produced the nectar of immortality.

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In that battle, the gods were on backfoot owing to the curse of a saint called ‘Darvasa’ and the fight ensued for 12 days and twelve nights equivalent to 12 calendar years in the present era. To ensure a victory for Gods, Lord Vishnu flew away with the urn containing the divine nectar spilling drops of it at Haridwar, Allahabad (Prayag), Ujjain, and Nashik.

The planetary position that existed during this eventful event is said to repeat itself once every twelve years and during this period when the planet Jupiter enters the Aries constellation for 45 days, cosmic energy is release from below the river-beds and keeps on bubbling for 45 days till the Mela concludes. This water is said to possess electro-magnetic properties that are good for the respiratory, circulatory, endocrine, cardiac and neurological systems of the body. It also offers spiritual bliss for all those who have the good fortune of making a trip to this event, even once in their lifetime.

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