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Allahabad Ardh Mahakumbh 2019

Nashik Kumbh Camp

Kumbh: Your vista to spiritual salvation!

In order to attain full control of your destiny, you have to connect spiritual power that controls everything in life. One way to achieve it is through service of people who need your help most but if you are hard-pressed for time, owing to professional and familial commitments, they are looking for blessings of people who have been blessed with higher powers who can help them attain full control of seven deadly sins of pride, wrath, envy, glutton, lust, agony, & sloth and emerge stronger.

Maha kumbh mela 2015

Believers in spirituality know that we are all spiritually connected to one another and if we put someone down, we put ourselves down; if we raise someone, we raise ourselves and it is this opportunity to help the under-privileged and seek blessings for the longevity and prosperity of their loved ones is what draws people to Kumbh.

Devotees from all across the world brave the winter chill to have a holy dip in the waters of Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari and Shipra and purge all sins from their destiny’s timeline. Most devotees feel a sense of bliss and calm after taking the holy dip that they return every three years to relive this experience.

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