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Imagine a travel partner who helps you view things from a whole new perspective with amazing insights about new places, new cities, and new hill stations so that you can view your country with a whole new perspective.

By offering practical solutions to your travel needs, we want to emerge as the life-long partners of our customers in their journey to explore the world with all its diverse cultures and all what it has to offer.

Our forte: Finding the perfect travel solution for your family and loved ones.

What sets us apart from competition is that we state very clearly to the customer, the kind of experience, he will have, the kind of expenditure he will incur in the trip apart from the basic room rent so that no surprises greet customers when they are out there to have a good time.

As a travel concern that has the best interests of its customers in mind, we offer exciting group packages that allow more people to try out our properties which include guest houses, home-stays and resorts that offer a homely ambience to the transient customers.

kumbhmela vacation packages
View of Kumbh
kumbhmela vacation packages
Meditation hall in Campus
kumbhmela vacation packages
View of Sangam and Mela
kumbhmela vacation packages
kumbhmela vacation packages
kumbhmela vacation packages
kumbhmela vacation packages
Hawan Kund
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